Richard Milnes Photography

A little bit about us..

Ever since I was very young I had a fascination with photography but I never dreamed that one day I might be privelaged enough to enjoy a career as a professional photographer. Perhaps that should not have come as a too much of a surprise though, as my grandfather & aunt were both photographers, one shooting portraits in Jamaica and the other landscapes in the Sahara desert.

So, back in 2006 I began my life as a photographer and what an amazing journey it has been so far. I’ve now photographed over 400 couples, working as far and wide as Gibraltar and Beverly Hills. My belief is that the modern couple are more appreciative of photography than ever before and they prefer a photographer who is not only experienced and calm under pressure but who is able to deliver exceptional images whilst maintaining a low profile, allowing the wedding to follow it’s natural course with the minimum of interference. I’m definitely blessed to be the recommended photographer for so many prestigious venues and suppliers, I’m very easy to work with and I always deliver what you, the people who really matter, want from your photographer.